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How to make marvellous “M” shapes with your hands
– it’s an inside out approach –

1. Let your hands dangle by the sides of your body in a very natural and comfortable position.
2. Slowly raise both hands to your tummy level.
3. Make a small “M” shape with your hands as if drawing a little hill with each.

When to practice making marvellous “M” shapes with your hands

1. Practice in the safety of your toilet alone.
2. Then practice with close friends and family first.
3. Don’t tell them you’re doing it and just do a few “M”s during any conversation you have.
When you’re comfortable, practice with your colleagues and bosses.
4. Again just a few “M”s Keep doing this, and when you consciously do it five times a day, it will very quickly become habit!

How to reflect on your “M” practices

1. Ask someone you trust to keep a look out for you when you practice.

2. Smile as get honest feedback about how natural you looked when talking and “M-ming”. This is the only point to get feedback and reflect on – how natural you looked.