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Storytelling to Influence

Storytelling to Influence teaches you exactly how to carry out what is required to influence someone in a business setting. No 'wishy' 'washy' talk, just straight to the point, here's what you need to do and here how you do it. I highly recommend this course anyone looking to learn about influencing people. I can apply what I've learned in the course to so many aspects of my life. There's the saying "easier said than done." Well with this course, it makes it storytelling to influence "easier done than said!" After taking this course, I know I exactly what I need to do.

Charlie, UK

Charlie, UK

Storytelling to Influence course
This course is for anyone who must influence others (99% of the human race. Any of us can tell a story for fun, but a story to influence has a different intention and outcome.

The course consists of three main lessons conveyed in 23 short videos. Deceptively simple with fun characters, exercises and quizzes, this course is designed for stickiness – to remember the tools you need to influence with a story.

You’ll learn how to:
• Find stories
• Attach a few meanings to every story
• Practice storytelling privately to get ready to go public
• Slip influence stories naturally and comfortably into your conversation

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Presentation Skills: Create Killer Presentations to WoW

I loved the course, especial the Presentation Pyramid, super useful, easy to understand and simple to apply in daily life!

Janise, Thailand

Janise, Thailand

Presentation Skills course

I am doing a lot of presentations to different companies! This course has helped me a lot!! Thanks you so much Jeff for such a great course!

Mia, USA

Mia, USA

Presentation Skills course
This course is for anyone who wants to be a presentation star – that means newbies to experienced CEOS. End result? You and your presentation will influence and captivate your audience with calm confidence and a message that sticks.

You will learn how effective tips and tools to:
• Design a clear message that the audience wants to hear
• Transform this crystal clear message into a presentation
• Rehearse and deliver a killer presentation

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Presentation Book: 54 Tips to Creating Killer Presentations

This is a terrific book, loaded with insights and training nuggets. Most important, Jeff doesn't over-teach. He boils down the essence of speaking into each idea he presents. I suppose that's why he's an expert on "Killer Presentations"! I have been training and speaking for over 30 years and have been trained by some of the best presentation experts in the world, and "Sticky Steps" holds its own with any training materials I have ever seen. I wish I had heard of Jeff's book when I was in the northern California Board of Directors for the National Speakers Association. I would have bought a copy for the entire chapter! This book gives you just enough of the reasons and background for what it teaches, not endless theory. It's 90% action-oriented, which is perfect in our microwave world. With today's "I want it yesterday" and fast-is-still-too-slow mentality, this book almost gives it to you yesterday! Every turn of the page shows you a new insight and actionable nugget you can sling into your talks right away.

Bill, USA

Bill, USA

Review from Amazon
You’ve probably wondered ….

… how on Earth do great presenters make their presentations so easy to understand, fully engaging, crystal clear, and just so… WoW?

And wouldn’t you love to transform yourself into one of these great presenters?

Well, in this new and improved 2nd edition, Sticky Steps to Creating Killer Presentations: 54 Tips to Design and Deliver a WoW Presentation, presentation expert Jeff Tan helps you do exactly that!

What’s great about this quirky, fun, and easy to read HOW TO book is that everything is broken into simple steps and you’re guided through each step to WoW your audience.
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The Tools of Exceptional Leadership

Here’s a sneak peek at what we’re cooking in our Leadership Lab now! A full course filled with practical and usable leadership tools, especially for future leaders!

The main topics we’re covering are:

• Self-awareness and Growth,
• Communication Skills,
• How to Get Stuff Done,
• Critical thinking, problem solving and decision making.

And within each of these four key topics are many many useful skills to learn to transform you into an exceptional leader.

Watch this space for updates!