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Why Sticky Steps?

We combine the best thinking in neuroscience and military aviation training with East/West educational methods. It’s fun, engaging and a little bit quirky.

A Sticky Steps Tip for you

“M” is the answer.
One simple tip to impress any audience when you speak in public or do a presentation

Many speakers and presenters don’t know what to do with their hands when they speak and look really awkward and unnatural and in the worst case, look untrustworthy.

Avoid this!

All you need to do is move your hands in a small “m” shaped motion like in the picture above. Do it now as you read this. Make small “m” shapes and let that become your automatic hand movement anytime you speak.

Easy isn’t it? And the end result is you look very natural, calm, and above all, likeable!!

What our Friends are Saying

I learned a great deal through this presentation skills course, I feel much more confident now on how to deliver my presentation during our weekly meeting.

Riycard, India

Riycard, India

Presentation Skills course

It was an extremely practical and useful course. The lessons were entertaining as well as informative which made learning really fun for me. The best part is that I could apply the lessons very easily.

David, S. Korea

David, S. Korea

Storytelling to Influence course

If you make presentations and they have been falling short of your intended goal, then it is time to upgrade them using the 54 quick tips designed to deliver a WOW presentation.

John, USA

John, USA

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Meet Jeff, the guy behind Sticky Steps

Jeff Tan is a learning innovator, coach, author and speaker who combines the mentality of a military pilot with his passion for coaching. Prior to starting Sticky Steps and REV, he served as a helicopter pilot and flight instructor for the Singapore Air Force for 26 years. He holds degrees in counseling and economics and is certified as a neuro linguistic programming trainer, photo reading instructor and hypnotherapist.